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Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu – Nepalgunj
  • Day 02:Nepalgunj – Jumla
  • Day 03:Jumla – Khaligaon (3620m)crossing Danphe Lagna (3685m).
  • Day 04:Khaligaon – Bulbule
  • Day 05:Bulbule – Salleri
  • Day 06:Salleri – Rara.
  • Day 07:Rara Exploration day
  • Day 08:Rara – Salleri – drive to Jumla or trek to Talcha
  • Day 09:Jumla / Talcha - Nepalgunj – Kathmandu
  • Day 01: Kathmandu – Nepalgunj

    From Kathmandu we take a bus or fly on any domestic carrier to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj, a town in the western Terai, is very close to the Indian border and the Bardia Nationl Park.
    It is a major transport hub for western, mid-western and far-western regions of Nepal. Our representative will pick you up in the airport and take you to the hotel.

  • Day 02: Nepalgunj – Jumla

    We take a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla. Jumla is the head quarter of Karnali zone. The treks towards Rara Lake and Shey Phoksundo lake start from Jumla.

  • Day 03: Jumla – Khaligaon (3620m)crossing Danphe Lagna (3685m).

    The trail goes ascending up to Danphe Lagna. (Cherecaur is a pasture land where there are some cattle shades) From the top of Danphe Lagna we can see Jumla valley. After crossing the pass the trail goes slightly down hill through Himalayan pine forest. Today's night stop will be in this small village Khaligoan, where there were now hotels and houses previously but when the flow of people increased now they have started small hotels for the travelers.

  • Day 04: Khaligaon – Bulbule

    Today the trail goes descending up to Naulighat by the side of a river Lere gad. The trail goes by the side of the river round about 45 min. then the trail turns to the right slightly ascending towards trail to Copra village. Keeping the Copra on the right we will take a ascend by the left that takes near about 40 min. that reaches us to the village Bharbhare. Then the trail goes straight then descend towards Chauta. There is a police check point where we have to make the entry. Now the trail goes slightly ascending towards Bulbule, where the road from Sinja valley crosses for Gamgadi, we will have the night rest.

  • Day 05: Bulbule – Salleri

    Today we follow the road round about for 15min and then we reach an army camp where we make the entry of the Naional Park. Now we enter into Mugu district. Now the road goes to the right but we take the left trail and to the right. Now the trail goes ascending up to Guchilagna ( 3445m). The trail from Guchilagna goes descending through the forest towards Dhuir, where again we meet the main road to Gamgadi once. Leaving Dhuir the trail goes on the left where as the main road goes towards right. The trail goes ascending towards salleri through Jhyari village for near about 2 hours. We will stay for the night at Salleri. We once again meet the main road at Salleri.

  • Day 06: Salleri – Rara.

    Today we will have to get the entrance permit of Rara National Park at Salleri check post and head towards Rara. Firstly we follow the main road for near about half an hour then we reach at a small flat land. After a couple of minutes walk we will meet another trail that comes back to Guchilagna (Chuchemara pass). Then we descend a bit then starts the view of lake "Rara". Again we keep on walking following the trail to Murma. We walk by the left side of lake till the end point and we cross a bridge to reach our final destination the camp at Rara.

    rara one image
  • Day 07: Rara Exploration day

    Rara the biggest lake of Nepal is really beautiful which is surrounded with the pine forest. Really fascinating lake attracts every visitor who reaches there. It will be very nice and refreshing walk around the lake.

  • Day 08: Rara – Salleri – drive to Jumla or trek to Talcha

    There are two options after the observation of the lake either go to Jumla and fly or trek to Talcha to fly out.
    If you want to come back to Jumla then you will have to walk towards Salleri about one hour to take a jeep to Jumla. Then fly out next day.
    If you want to fly out from Talcha then you can start your trek to Talcha after lunch and stay overnight to catch the flight on the following day.

  • Day 09: Jumla / Talcha - Nepalgunj – Kathmandu

    If you fly out either from Jumla or Talcha you will have to fly to Nepalgunj and then to Kathmandu on the same day.

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