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“The walking journey to the summit of the most beautiful mountain in Dolpo, through the trails unexplored and untrodden by not many travelers- Kanjirowa Peak Climbing”

6883m, is as high as trekkers/climbers can go during the Kanzirowa Expedition with Explore Dolpo. The stunning Mountain Kanzirowa is a unique peak worthwhile climbing to experience the high degree of alpine experience qnd extreme wilderness. Mountains in Dolpo are not scaled by so many climbers, hence the adventure of Kanjirowa Expedition is a journey of lifetime to the land where not many foot prints have been left back.

Our Kanjirowa Expedition begins at Juphal and winds through the most isolated regions of Dolpo, which are very rarely treaded all the way to the Base Camp of this beautiful peak. The trail to Kanjirowa Base Camp winds through sub-tropical forests and low alpine forests before getting into treeless zone. The villages encountered throughout the trail are religious diverse and culturally authentic. The landscapes through the Kanjirowa Peak Climbing Expedition are matchless.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight
  • Day 02:Nepalgunj to Juphal and Juphal to Tripurakot (2100m)/ 3-4 hrs trek
  • Day 03:Tripurakot to Ghodakhor
  • Day 04:Ghodakhor to Hurikot
  • Day 05:Hurikot to Takpoche/ 3 hrs trek
  • Day 06:Takpoche to Gau Chaur
  • Day 07:Rest day at Gau Chaur
  • Day 08:Gau Chaur to Thulopalta camp
  • Day 09:Thulo Palta to Bahiri Puduwa Khola camp/ 3914m
  • Day 10:Paripuduwa to Bhittipuduwa
  • Day 11:Bhittipuduwa to Kanzirowa Base camp
  • Day 12:Rest Day at the Base Camp.
  • Day 13:BC to High Camp of Mt. Kanzirowa
  • Day 14:Explore around for acclimatization
  • Day 15:Trek to Camp I
  • Day 16:Summit Day
  • Day 17:Reserve Day
  • Day 18:Mt. Kanzirowa to Bahiri Puduwa
  • Day 19:Bahiri Puduwa to Tallo Jagdul
  • Day 20:Tallo Jagdul to Kai Gaon
  • Day 21:Kai Gaon to Tripurakot
  • Day 22:Tripurakot to Juphal
  • Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight

    In the morning you can stroll in the streets of Thamel while we arrange all your trekking documents (TIMS, Climbing Permit & National Park Permit) . Then you collect all the necessary documents from our representative and drive to the domestic section of Kathmandu airport.

    From Kathmandu we fly on any domestic carrier to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj , a town in the western Terai , is very close to the Indian border and the Bardia National Park. It is a major transport hub for western, mid-western and far-western regions of Nepal. Overnight in a hotel or a lodge.

  • Day 02: Nepalgunj to Juphal and Juphal to Tripurakot (2100m)/ 3-4 hrs trek

    The day begins with an early flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal. After 35 minutes of flight we arrive to Juphal Airport. From the airstrips of Juphal you will proceed towards Tripurakot for the night stop.

    Couple of hours of downhill climb followed by maximum of two hours trek on the leveled trail brings us to Tripurakot, a mid-hill hamlet banked by a river.

    Tripurakot is one of the Holy Places especially for the Hindus. The place is renowned for the Devi Tripurasundari Temple and there are several myths about the place in the holy books of Hindu. Pilgrims from different places throng to this place to offer the prayers especially during the Hindu’s main festival Dashain.

  • Day 03: Tripurakot to Ghodakhor

    Just after a few minutes’ walk you will have to take the winding inclined trail. Then the trail goes on the gradual uphill trail through the lush vegetation.

    Emerging frequently into the authentic rural villages like Liku and Pahara among others are wonderful cultural highlights of day's trek in Dolpo. Winding through yak grazing lands and yak herders shelter, at the end of the day we arrive to Ghodakhor. Overnight in the camps at Ghodakhor.

  • Day 04: Ghodakhor to Hurikot

    From Ghodakhor again you will follow the inclined trail through woods and reach the pastureland. Beyond here, the trail gradually climbs uphill to the top of Balangra Pass.

    Slow and steady walking to the top of the pass is followed by trek on the leveled and downhill trail to Hurikot via the village of Kaigaon. Hurikot is the village dominated by Baiji Magars, who practice Bon Buddhism. The village also has a Bon Monastery. Overnight in the camps at Hurikot.

  • Day 05: Hurikot to Takpoche/ 3 hrs trek

    The trek today officially enters Shey Phoksundo National Park. Most of the trek today winds through the jungle trail. Trekking uphill for almost an hour and another hour on the leveled trail through the jungle brings us to Toijum.

    Walking 15 minutes through the village of Toijum takes us to the Army Camp which, protects the conserved National Park and the wildlife inside it. Beyond the Army Camp the final push of easy thirty minute walk brings us to Takpoche. Overnight in a camp at Takpoche.

  • Day 06: Takpoche to Gau Chaur

    Starting the day's trek, we climb uphill for 15 minutes to get to Chheten Bada. Another 15 minutes down the hill brings us to the river bed, where we cross the bridge over it.

    Twenty minutes uphill beyond the river brings us to Tang Tunge, which is popular Yarsa Gompa Hunting Base Camp in the region. From there a gradual walk will bring us to Tallo Jagdul, where we stop for the lunch. Post lunch, 3 hours of uphill trek along Pani Palta Riverside via Phulbari brings us to Gau Chaur.

    Gau Chaur is a mysterious village with no human settling there at present. But we get to see plenty of ruins to old settlements and terraced fields, which indicates the life here enjoyed once upon a time. Overnight in the camps at Gau Chaur.

  • Day 07: Rest day at Gau Chaur

    Before heading towards the elevated summit of Mt. Kanjirowa, we have a day rest at Gau Chaur. Let our body acclimatize the altitude.

  • Day 08: Gau Chaur to Thulopalta camp

    From Gauchaur the journey in the extreme wilderness begins. We will pack our lunch and begin the trek. Though a short trek, the trek is challenging. Three hours of trek most of the times winds uphill through the jungle with frequent walks on the leveled trail.

    After 3 hours of continuous walk through the jungle we emerge at the campsite in Thulo Palat, which is a big cave beside the river. Enjoy the packed lunch and explore the wilderness.

  • Day 09: Thulo Palta to Bahiri Puduwa Khola camp/ 3914m

    Three hours of uphill and downhill walk through the jungle and Yarsa Gompa Fields beside Jagdul River brings us to Bahiri Puduwa Campsite. The camp lies in the middle of the jungle on a ridge.

  • Day 10: Paripuduwa to Bhittipuduwa

    Once again Kanjirowa Expedition on Day 10 chases the jungle trail for three hours mostly on gradual downhill and leveled trail to our campsite in Bhitti Puduwa. the campsite is in the middle of low alpine forest.

  • Day 11: Bhittipuduwa to Kanzirowa Base camp

    From Bhittipuduwa you will be heading for the destination and reach the base camp of Mt. Kanzirowa from where your expedition starts.

  • Day 12: Rest Day at the Base Camp.

    Before getting ahead, it is better to know the mountains well and acclimatize even better. So today, we just explore around the Base Camp of Mt. Kanzirowa.

    We gain a little bit of elevation and trek down to our camps at the Base Camp- the basic principle of Mountaineering, “Climb High Sleep Low” justifies here. Overnight in the tented camps.

  • Day 13: BC to High Camp of Mt. Kanzirowa

    The slow pace while gaining altitude during peak climbing or expedition is golden rule to remain intact physically as well as to accomplish the mission we have come so far for.

    So, today we trek to the High Camp of Kanjirowa, which is few hundred meters above the Base Camp. Overnight in the camps at High Camp.

  • Day 14: Explore around for acclimatization

    Once again a rest day to explore around the elevated regions and to properly acclimatize, we have a day rest at the High Camp. Drink enough water and rest well for the big day coming in couple of days. Overnight in the tented camps.

  • Day 15: Trek to Camp I

    Gradually climbing up we trek to the Camp I of Kanzirowa Peak. Slow and steady wins the race, we are going slowly so that you can acclimatize well, enjoy the beauty around and get what you come for. On arriving to the Camp I we begin to explore around and rest well

  • Day 16: Summit Day

    Today is the big day. We begin early towards the Summit of Mt. Kanzirowa. We have acclimatized well and hence to scale the peak just above 6000m would not be that difficult.

    Regarding the requirement of technical skills, the mountain does not demand much of technicality.

    However, the basic alpine skills including rope-works, ice-work and the use of mountaineering gears are important. We summit the Peak. The views from the summit include, majestic Himalayan peaks on our head level, the Tibetan landscapes to the north and wide valleys to the south. After the summit, we trek down back to the Base Camp of Mt. Kanzirowa.

  • Day 17: Reserve Day

    While in extreme adventurous holidays like peak climbing and expedition, a reserve day is necessary.
    The reserve day is specially to avoid the rush if weather or any adverse factor affects our adventurous trip. If everything goes as planned, we shall spend a free in Kathmandu at the end of Kanzirowa Climbing Expedition.

  • Day 18: Mt. Kanzirowa to Bahiri Puduwa

    Today after the successful summit over Mt. Kanzirowa, we begin the journey back towards Juphal. Today we will retrace the trail all the way to Bahiri Puduwa, which is six-seven hours of jungle walk. Overnight in the camps at Bahiri Puduwa.

  • Day 19: Bahiri Puduwa to Tallo Jagdul

    Retrace on the trail back to Tallo Jagdul Overnight in the camps beside the river.

  • Day 20: Tallo Jagdul to Kai Gaon

    Continue trekking on the retracing trail all the way to Kaigaon. Overnight in the camps.

  • Day 21: Kai Gaon to Tripurakot

    The second last day of the trek continues on the retracing trail all the way to sacred land of Tripura Sundari Temple, Tripurakot. Overnight in the camps.

  • Day 22: Tripurakot to Juphal

    The final day of the trek ends at Juphal. Congratulations for conquering the beautiful Mountain, Kanzirowa in the wild west Dolpo of Nepal.

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