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“Though the trekking trail does not cater all the facilities like Everest and Annapurna Region Treks- Khaptad Rara Jumla trek is one of the best treks to those trekkers who prefer offbeat treks, extremely unique culture, peaceful wilderness and the best of nature.”

Khaptad is one of the well known National Parks of Nepal for its natural beauty. The park in the far western region of Nepal is the hub for several herbs (224 species recorded till date), 135 species of flowers and 225 species of birds along with the musk deer and other wild animals. In spring the pastures are really beautiful with wild flowers as it looks like colourful carpet on the ground around. There are several (nine) lakes and twenty two pastures making the landscape incredibly enchanting.

Likewise, Rara is the biggest lake of Nepal and it attracts the visitors with its charming beauty. Jumla is the head quarters of Karnali zone. Khaptad Rara Jumla Trek with Explore Dolpo begins at Silgadi after the flight from Kathmandu to western town Dhangadi followed by a intriguing drive of 6-7 hrs to Silgadi. The trek traverses through several mid-hill villages of isolated far west Nepal to the meditating center of famous Khaptad Baba. After a day exploration around this magical corner of Nepal, Nepal’s one of the least frequented trekking winds through the remotest region to Rara National Park. Rara National Park is equally beautiful and rich with floral and faunal biodiversity.


Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu to Dhangadi/ flight
  • Day 02:Dhangadi to Siligadi
  • Day 03:Silgadi to Jhigrana
  • Day 04:Jhigrana to Khaptad
  • Day 05:Khaptad to Dogadi
  • Day 06:Dogadi to Naina
  • Day 07:Naina to Martadi
  • Day 08:Martadi to Kolti
  • Day 09:Kolti to Jhugala
  • Day 10:Jugada to Talibagar
  • Day 11:Talibagar to Rara
  • Day 12:Rara to Chautha
  • Day 13:Chautha to Chherechaur/Aacharya Lihi
  • Day 14:Chherechaur/Aacharya Lihi to Jumla
  • Day 15:Jumla to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight
  • Day 01: Kathmandu to Dhangadi/ flight

    Today, we begin our trekking adventure to Nepal's one of the most remote paradise Khaptap and Rara. We board a plane to Dhangadi. Almost eighty minutes of flight brings us to Dhangadi. Dhangadi is the one of the major towns of western Nepal, that falls on East-West Mahendra Highway. On our arrival at Dhangadi, we transfer you to your hotel in the city.

  • Day 02: Dhangadi to Siligadi

    From Dhangadi will begin the bus journey, which takes 6/7hours drive to Silgadi through Atariya, Shyaule and Dipayal. The total road distance from Dhangadi to Silgadi is 250km. The drive is bumpy at times and scenic mostly. On arrival at Silgadi, the district headquarters of Doti District, we will accommodate ourselves in a local lodge.

  • Day 03: Silgadi to Jhigrana

    The trek begins from the district headquarters of Doti, Silgadi. The trail goes ascending, though the walking is bit strenuous the beautiful sightseeing of the land management with terrace farming fields and the scattered villages keep the spirits high. After the ascend of nearly one hour we begin to trek along the trail through rhododendron and cherry forest which, during the spring bloom and release refreshing aroma at full swing.

    Gradually the trek cross passes Bak Lek and arrives to Jhigrana, which is the last village of Doti and the entry point of Khaptad National Park. There are no very big hotels in Jiggrana but we can get meals, hot water and can have a proper place for the night considering the location.

    There is also a guest house of the National Park where one can have a night sleep with personal sleeping bags. But we don't have to worry about all these as we are all set with quality tents, food and the cook. Overnight in a camp.

  • Day 04: Jhigrana to Khaptad

    Today the trail ascends through the dense forest. One can view Saipal if the wheather remains good enough. When one reaches the place of nine lakes “Khaptad” forgets all the tiredness and becomes fresh. We will settle down our camps in one of the ideal places and set off to explore nearby the camps. The real reward of this offbeat trek in Nepal is yet to unfold.

  • Day 05: Khaptad to Dogadi

    Khaptad National Park is a paradise. The protected area named after holy man Khaptad houses more 500 species of floras, some of them are high valued medicinal herbs. In the morning we will explore around the park. Enjoy the magnificence of nature at Khaptad National Park.

    Then Khaptad Rara Jumla Trek resumes towards Dogadi. After 5-6 hours of trek for the day, the excellent offbeat trek in Nepal ends at the campsite in Dogadi.

  • Day 06: Dogadi to Naina

    Today, the trail on Khaptad Rara Jumla Trek goes ascending upwards to Chhede Daha where one can have good rest and tea. Beyond Chhede Daha, the trail on this offbeat trek in Nepal winds along the leveled trail making the trek easier.

    One can enjoy the scenic view of the farming land of Aati valley and the community forest around. Oli village on the way where there is good arrangement for food and lodge where we can have lunch of the day. After the lunch the trail takes you to Naina.

  • Day 07: Naina to Martadi

    The trek today kicks off on the ascending trail up to Pinalek, where we would halt for a short breather. From Pinalek, we get to see the bustling activities of Martadi Bazaar- our destination for the day. Trekking a bit further we arrive to Jugada.

    These days people in Jugada have started the organic farming so they offer the food with organic vegetable and they also offer homestay in the village with the refreshment of cultural programs.

    After having the lunch at Jugada we can reach Martadi easily, where the facilities of food and accommodation are good further there are the facilities of telephone and internet.

  • Day 08: Martadi to Kolti

    Today we see few signs of modernity. There are some motors (Jeep) services too. One can take a jeep ride upto Pandusen and from where, the trek resumes. There are several hotels, health services and one aristrip in Padusen. Here one can find the food stuffs for the trekking too. It takes nearly three hours to reach Kolti.

    But before getting to Kolti, trekking ahead nearly two hours further from Padusen, we get to the place called Badhu at the bank of Karnali river. A little further lies Kolti. The place is the confluence of Chuligad and Karnali Rivers so the place is also called Chuligad. One can have a night rest in the tent here at the bank of the river too.

  • Day 09: Kolti to Jhugala

    After the breakfast, the trail goes by the side of the river. There are several tea houses in every half hour of the trek. Almost trekking fro three hours brings us to Jholunga and this part of the trek has a bit difficult trails including rock strewn course and narrow gully over the river- one can hear the roar of the river.

    Hence, extra consciousness is required during this part of the trek. At Jhugala where one can order the meal and go for swimming in the river if interested. This place is the border of Mugu and Bajura district. After having the day meal the trail goes towards Ratopani through Aamgaon.

    There is another village where there are schools, health post and police post. Just walking half an hour we reach a place called Birabagar where somewhat ten people can be adjusted for the night stay but there is a place for tents near a water fall.

  • Day 10: Jugada to Talibagar

    From Jugada the trek begins for Talibagar. The trail gives you the flavor of old Nepal. One can observe the different cultural and traditions on the trail and feel the authentic culture of western Nepal.

    After crossing a bridge the trail goes by the side of Khatyad river eventually reaching Gotikhola (river). Walking nearly one and half hour comes Talibagar. The place is also called Majhchaur. There are good hotels, and medicine shops, the bazaar is increasing with facilities.

  • Day 11: Talibagar to Rara

    The trail onwards goes by the side of the river there is no tiring ascends.Going through some shops and village the trail reaches you to Sheri, where more than 50 people can get the food and lodge.

    It will be better to have the lunch at Baupani for the day because there is no any shops through the trail for long distance. The trail goes through several gorges, wood and cliffs. The trail goes by the river side crossing the river several times.

    Then you reach to the place called Jeudya near Murma gaon which is the nearest village to Rara. If you like to have a stay in the village then you can take a little ascend to the village. After having some snacks at Jeuda we can reach Maajh ghatta in half an hour. There is a place called Murma Top at the top of the place. Ascending from Maajhghatta the trail through apple farms reaches you to the place called Kochekandh. From this place you will have the very first view of Rara. Murma Top is the highest elevation of this trek.

    You can view mountain ranges all around, Sipal, Beulabeuli, Badimalika,Chuchemara, Rinmokchha and Kanjirowa. You can have the whole view of Rara from this point. It takes nearly three ours to reach the top and come back to Maajhghatta till then the lunch will be ready for the day. After having the lunch one can reach nearby Rara within ten minutes.

  • Day 12: Rara to Chautha

    From Rra one can fly out from Talcha airport to Nepalgun or continue the trek to Jumla. The day trail takes you to Chautha for the night stay.

  • Day 13: Chautha to Chherechaur/Aacharya Lihi

    Today you will have to descend to reach Chherechaur/Acharya Lihi

  • Day 14: Chherechaur/Aacharya Lihi to Jumla

    From Chherechaur/Acharaya Lihi the trail leads you to Jumla the regional headqurters of Karnali zone.

  • Day 15: Jumla to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight

    Jumla – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu

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