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“Tread the rugged trails to Limi Valley which has  very less footprints of previous trekkers- experience the real lifestyle of Himalayas, understand the culture of Karnali River and encounter the authentic culture of the mountain inhabitants of Nepal- Limi Valley Trek”

The trans-Himalayan valley in Humla District of Nepal in the far-west Nepal bordering Tibet to its north, Limi is one of the few least frequented trekking destinations of Nepal. Its remoteness and its far-flung location have made this place Nepal’s offbeat trekking destination. However, Limi entertains few intrepid trekkers every year who prefer trekking to the offbeat destinations and admire extreme tranquility. Yes, Limi has it all.

One of the few untrodden trails in the Himalayas that is still unexplored, the trekking trails to Limi have rugged terrains but enchantingly beautiful ones. The culture in the villages on the way to Limi and in the Limi Valley itself is so authentic that trekkers literally have the feeling of traveling back to time.

Jam-packed with natural and cultural delights Limi, has the culture that is so closely attached to the Tibetan Culture. It might be because of the closer proximity with Tibet or because of the legacy that has been transferred from their Tibetan ancestors; the people of Limi are probably nicest people on earth despite of tough life they practice. The real lifestyle of the Himalayas can be observed in Limi.

The three major villages trekker encounter during Limi Valley Trek in Humla are  Jang, Halji and Til, which clearly demonstrate the occupations, the people of Limi people have been involved into for their livelihood.

This itinerary can be change as per  your  interest and time frame.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight
  • Day 02:Nepalgunj to Simikot (2950m)/ flight
  • Day 03:Simikot to Kermi (2670m)/ 5-7 hrs
  • Day 04:Kermi to Shinjungma (3620m)/ 6-7 hrs trek
  • Day 05:Shinjungma to Dharamsala
  • Day 06:Rest Day at Dharamsala
  • Day 07:Dharamsala to Talung (4379m) via Nyala Pass (4940m)
  • Day 08:Telung to Gummayac (4803m)
  • Day 09:Gummayac to Phyalang via Lalung La Pass (4833m)
  • Day 10:Phyalang to Tholing
  • Day 11:Tholing to Halji
  • Day 12:Halji to River side camp
  • Day 13:Til and Rest day
  • Day 14:Til to Manepeme
  • Day 15:Manepeme to Yari est Torea via Hilsa
  • Day 16:Yari est Torea to Yalbang
  • Day 17:Yalbang to Simikot
  • Day 18:Simikot to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight
  • Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight

    Today we fly to Nepalgunj. Overnight in a hotel.

  • Day 02: Nepalgunj to Simikot (2950m)/ flight

    From Nepalgunj, we fly to the airport at extreme west in Nepal - Simikot. Simikot is the district headquarters of Humla. Overnight in a lodge at Simikot.

  • Day 03: Simikot to Kermi (2670m)/ 5-7 hrs

    Today the Limi Valley Trek begins along the least frequented trekking trails of Nepal. Overnight in a camp at Kermi.

  • Day 04: Kermi to Shinjungma (3620m)/ 6-7 hrs trek

    The Limi Valley Trek today gains quite an elevation, we ascend up to Shinjungma and set our camps at the elevation of 3620m.

  • Day 05: Shinjungma to Dharamsala

    The first half of the Limi Calley Trek winds through the trail of mid-hills. As today, we trek up to Dharamsala and set our camps.

  • Day 06: Rest Day at Dharamsala

    Today we have a rest day at Dharamsala before heading off to the elevated passes like Nyala Pass 4940m.

  • Day 07: Dharamsala to Talung (4379m) via Nyala Pass (4940m)

    Today is the day of the Limi Valley Trek, where we attain the highest elevation of the trek. We cross Nyala Pass and enter Limi Valley. The first village we encounter at Limi Valley is Talung 4379m. Overnight in a camp.

  • Day 08: Telung to Gummayac (4803m)

    The trek along the elevated trail continues. At the end of the day we arrive at our campsite in Gummauac. Overnight in the camp.

  • Day 09: Gummayac to Phyalang via Lalung La Pass (4833m)

    Today is one of the most important days of Limi Valley Trek. As we begin the trek we hike up to the acme of Lalung La Pass from where we see the excellent panorama of Mt. Kailash Mansarovar Lake and other Tibetan mountains. As we slide down we get into the village named Phyalang, which is in the very close proximity to Tibet.

  • Day 10: Phyalang to Tholing

    The Limi Trek continues and at the end of day's trek we arrive to Tholing. Overnight in the camps.

  • Day 11: Tholing to Halji

    Today, we arrive to one of the major villages of Limi Valley, Halji. On our arrival at Halji we explore around theis traditional village. Overnight in a camp.

  • Day 12: Halji to River side camp

    Today we begin the Limi Valley Trek after the breakfast. and at the end of the day, we arrive to the River side camp that lies just below the famous village of Limi- Til. Overnight in a camp.

  • Day 13: Til and Rest day

    Today after the breakfast, we hike up to Til and set out to explore the village. While exploring the village we visit the monastery which dates back to 8th century. Overnight in a camp at Til.

  • Day 14: Til to Manepeme

    The trek today brings us to Manepeme- the village named after the part of spritual Buddhist prayer. Overnight in the camps.

  • Day 15: Manepeme to Yari est Torea via Hilsa

    The Limi Valley Trek today arrives to Yari est Torea via Hilsa.

  • Day 16: Yari est Torea to Yalbang

    The Limi Valley Trek is on the verge to end. Today we trek all the way to Yalbang. Overnight in a camp.

  • Day 17: Yalbang to Simikot

    Completing the circuit around the most remote villages of Humla and farwest region of Nepal, we finally trek back to Simikot. On arriving Simikot the Limi Valley Trek ends.

  • Day 18: Simikot to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight

    Early morning, we walk to the airport in Simikot from where we fly to the airport in Nepalgunj. At Nepalgunj we board a plane that directly connects us to Kathmandu. On arriving Kathmandu, you will be transferred to your hotel. Rest of the time is free time.

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