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This exclusively wonderful trek caters many unseen and unphotographed remote landscapes of eastern Nepal along with the authentic culture of highland natives, which at places is very close to nomadism- Lumba-Sumba Trek

Lumba – Sumba trek traverses through one of the least frequented trails of eastern Nepal between tow Himalayan giants, Kanchenjunga (8,586m) and Makalu (8,463m). Our Spring Special Trek to this magical land in eastern Nepal is a fully organized Trek. This is a challenging trek where trekkers face extreme remoteness, high altitude and most importantly the fun of walking adventure.

Lumba- Sumba Trek in Nepal initially treads the trails of Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek until Phale Gaon. Beyond Phale Gaon the trek crosses Nango La Pass to Olangchung Gola and simultaneously goes over Lumba-Sumba Pass to the village of Thudam, where the trekkers can observe authentic cultures of Tibetan Buddhists and Bhotiyas.

Throughout the challenging trek, there are several rewards. Pleasant walk through the beautiful woods of colorful rhododendrons and diverse species of birds, the close views of Himalayan peaks in Kanchenjunga and Makalu Himalayan Ranges and great cultural encounters in the frequent traditional villages are rewards that would remain forever in the mind and soul of every trekker who has undertaken this Spring Special Trek.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Arrival in Kathmandu
  • Day 02:Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Trek preparation
  • Day 03:Kathmandu to Suketar/ (2420m)
  • Day 04:Suketar to Mitlung (909m)/ 5 hrs trek
  • Day 05:Mitlung to Chiruwa (1246m)/ 6-7 hrs trek
  • Day 06:Chiruwa to Suketham (1585m)/ 4 hrs trek
  • Day 07:Suketham to Amji Losa (2395m)/ 4 hrs trek
  • Day 08:Amji Losa to Kyapra (2730m)/ 4 hrs trek
  • Day 09:Kyapra to Phale Gaon
  • Day 10:Rest day at Phale Gaon
  • Day 11:Phale Gaon to Kharka (4160m)/ 5-6 hrs trek
  • Day 12:Kharka to Yangma Khola (3430m) via Nango La Pass (4776m)/ 8-9 hrs trek
  • Day 13:Yangma Khola to Olangchun Gola (3208m)/ 6 hrs trek
  • Day 14:Day Rest at Olangchun Gola
  • Day 15:Olangchun Gola to Yangetar (4203m)/ 7 hrs trek
  • Day 16:Yangetar to Lumba - Sumba Pass Base Camp (4700m)/ 4 hrs trek
  • Day 17:Lumba-Sumba Base Camp to Yak Kharka (4595m) via Lumba Sumba Pass (5422m)
  • Day 18:Yak Kharka to Thudam (3571m)/ 6-7 hrs
  • Day 19:Thudam to Yak Kharka (2877m)/ 6 hrs trek
  • Day 20:Yak Kharka to Chyamtang (2229m)/ 7 hrs trek
  • Day 21:Chyamtang to Hongon (2323m)/ 5 hrs trek
  • Day 22:Hongon to Gola (1128m)/ 7 hrs trek
  • Day 23:Gola to Hedanga Gadi (1179m)/ 7-8 hrs trek
  • Day 24:Hedanga Gadi to Num (1572m)/ 5 hrs trek
  • Day 25:Num to Tumlingtar (405m)/ drive
  • Day 26:Tumlingtar to Kathmandu
  • Day 27:Depart Kathmandu
  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

    As you fly into Kathmandu, the views of snow-capped mountain peaks greet you. A representative and driver from our office will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. The representative will help you check into your designated hotel. At the hotel you will be briefed about your daily activities.

  • Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Trek preparation

    Today, we will have a day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu. We will visit three UNESCO Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. We will begin with Pashupatinath. The largest Hindu shrine in Kathmandu is worthwhile visiting to experience the Hindu culture and to explore around the historic and revered temple. Then we head off to explore Boudhanath. At Boudhanath, we could witness many Buddhist devotees mainly of Tibetan origin circumambulating the largest stupa in the country. Post lunch, we drive to the center of medieval Nepal, Kathmandu Durbar Square. Explore the magnificent monuments built during different eras at Kathmandu Durbar Square and also pay a visit to the home of Living Goddess, Kumari. Then you can stroll in the streets of Thamel while we arrange all your trekking documents (TIMS & National Park Permit) .

  • Day 03: Kathmandu to Suketar/ (2420m)

    Today we fly to Suketar, from where our Spring Special Trek to North and South Base Camps of Kanchenjunga begins. Flying to the far eastern airstrips nestled at small mountainous town is itself a gripping adventure. After you land at the airport in Suketar, we will check into a teahouse or tourist and make the final arrangements for the upcoming trek.

  • Day 04: Suketar to Mitlung (909m)/ 5 hrs trek

    Today our trek most of the times drops down through the forested region to Mitlung. However, beginning the trek is through the streets of small town. The first day of the trek in our Spring Special Trek stops at Aangshyan Pati for the Lunch. Traversing through the villages like Handew and Panishar we cross the bridge over Hangdewa Khola and get in Lumbagaon. Beyond Lumbagaon, we traed along the trails beside Tamor Khola and arrive to Mitlung. Overnight stay in the camps at Mitlung

  • Day 05: Mitlung to Chiruwa (1246m)/ 6-7 hrs trek

    Today’s trek has the series of up and down climbs through jungle and it cross several small streams. Most of the climbs are gradual and we have plenty to walk on pleasant leveled trails. Hiking along the trails inside rhododendron forest above Tamor River, we arrive to Sinsegaon. Crossing the suspension bridge over Sinse Khola we chase the forest trail to emerge at Sinwa, where we will have our lunch. Beyond Sinwa the trail begins to gain altitude gradually all the way up to Chirwa via culturally rich villages like Tawa and Thiwa

  • Day 06: Chiruwa to Suketham (1585m)/ 4 hrs trek

    Today we have relatively short trekking day. Exiting out of Chirwa along the uphil trail through the village and cross passing landslide area, we arrive to Dunge Khet. Beyond Dunge Khet we tread the main trail of Kanchenjunga Base Camp to Suketham via tribal villages like Phembu and Hellok.

  • Day 07: Suketham to Amji Losa (2395m)/ 4 hrs trek

    One more short trekking day- today we gradually uphill throughout the trek. Crossing the bridge over Ghunsa Khole four times, we arrive to Amjisola. Amjisola has natural hot water springs, where we can release all the exhaustion. Overnight in the camps at Amjisola

  • Day 08: Amji Losa to Kyapra (2730m)/ 4 hrs trek

    Uphill walk through the Jungle of rhododendron, oaks and firs for four long hours brings us to Kyapra. Kyapra is traditional tribal village of the region having a temple, monastery and long line chortens. Explore around the village and experience the authentic culture at Kaypra.

  • Day 09: Kyapra to Phale Gaon

    The Spring Special trek, Lumba-Sumba Trek today treads onwards the trail that goes to Namche of Kanchenjunga Trekking Route- Ghunsa. However, our destination is not up to Ghunsa. The first three and half hour of today’s trek winds through jungle of pines, rhododendron and oaks to Phalegaon. Explore Tibetan Refugee Camp at Phalegaon and settle down to rest in your camps.

  • Day 10: Rest day at Phale Gaon

    After walking for almost a week without a rest, we must be exhausted. Hence, today we will have a day rest at Phalegaon, so that we get prepared better for the upcoming challenges across Nango La and Lumba- Sumba Passes. However, One and half hour of gentle walk from Phalegaon brings us to Ghunsa. Experience the offbeat Namche at Ghunsa and trek back to Phalegaon.

  • Day 11: Phale Gaon to Kharka (4160m)/ 5-6 hrs trek

    Today Lumba-Sumba Trek begins to tread on the real trails of Lumba-Sumba Circuit Trek. We walk through the forest of Juniper. Crossing the bridge over Yangma Samba River, we begin to trek uphill on the trail at the bank of same river and to Kharka. Overnight in camps at Kharka

  • Day 12: Kharka to Yangma Khola (3430m) via Nango La Pass (4776m)/ 8-9 hrs trek

    Today we begin the trek with the uphill hike on rocky trail to the top of Nango La Pass. The day is long and we are treading along the snowy path down from Nango La Pass to Yangma Khola. Hence, careful walking is required. Latter half of the trek closer towards Yangma Khola, we walk through dense jungle and cross pass Langong Kharka. Overnight in the camps at Yangma Khola

  • Day 13: Yangma Khola to Olangchun Gola (3208m)/ 6 hrs trek

    Today, entire day's trek traverses along the trail beside the bank of Yangma Khola until we reach Ramite. It climbs up the the times and at other times the trail remains level with the river. Beyond Ramite, Lumba- Sumba Trek today arrives to fascinating Tibetan village, Olangchun Gola treading the trail beside Tamor River. The village aka the village of Wolf is the last village before the Tibetan border. Having sixty houses Olangchun Gola is an authentic Tibetan Village. The village has 465 years old Dekhi Chholing Gompa. Explore around and enjoy your stay in Olangchun Gola.

  • Day 14: Day Rest at Olangchun Gola

    A rest day at Olangchun Gola before crossing over Lumba-Sumba Pass is a wise decision that allows us to digest the altitude. Explore around the culturally rich beautiful village on your rest day at Olangchun Gola.

  • Day 15: Olangchun Gola to Yangetar (4203m)/ 7 hrs trek

    Today, we walk gradually uphill through the forested trail that lies on the hills above Tamor River. We cross the bridge over Tamor River at Langmale and continue to head up along the riverside trail to Yangetar.

  • Day 16: Yangetar to Lumba - Sumba Pass Base Camp (4700m)/ 4 hrs trek

    Today, we hike up to the Base Camp of Lumba Sumba Base Camp along the rocky trails. Though we walk only four hours today, it is highly important day to acclimatize very well before we get the maximum elevation of the trek. Overnight in the camps at Lumba-Sumba Base Camp.

  • Day 17: Lumba-Sumba Base Camp to Yak Kharka (4595m) via Lumba Sumba Pass (5422m)

    With the packed lunch and enough bottles of water we begin the trek today. The final steps to the top of Lumba Sumba Pass is along the glacial moraines and snow covered path. It is the most challenging part of the entire trek and the meantime it also has the biggest rewards. From the top of Lumba- Sumba Pass we can see very close an excellent views mountain peaks, which include Kanchenjunga, Jannu, Khambachen, Makalu, Hongku, Baruntse range and other many Himalayan peaks as well. Enjoy the moments at Lumba-Sumba Pass and slide down steeply to Yak Kharka.

  • Day 18: Yak Kharka to Thudam (3571m)/ 6-7 hrs

    Tread along the trail that stretches on the right bank of Lapsi Khola and arrive to Thudam. Thudam is a Bhotiya Village, who are the true descendents Tibetans. We can witness very much authentic Tibetan culture at Thudam.

  • Day 19: Thudam to Yak Kharka (2877m)/ 6 hrs trek

    Today we trek through the bamboo forest all the way down to Yak Kharka. We will have our lunch at Chimjung Khola.

  • Day 20: Yak Kharka to Chyamtang (2229m)/ 7 hrs trek

    Today the trail drops down to Arun River. Trekking along the difficult and narrowed trails we arrive to Chyamtang at the end of day's trek.

  • Day 21: Chyamtang to Hongon (2323m)/ 5 hrs trek

    From Chyamtang, we trek slightly uphill to Guthi Gompa and then drop down to Lingam. Treading through the forested trails we emerge at Chepuwa and beyond Chepuwa once again we enter the beautiful woods of rhododendrons and emerge out to Gimbar. We have our lunch here. Beyond Gimbar, we cross the bridge over small stream and tread through the forested region to Hongon

  • Day 22: Hongon to Gola (1128m)/ 7 hrs trek

    Today, the trek drops down sharply to Gola. Most of the times the trail traverses through jungle and at other times it goes through the cultural villages like Hatiya and Barun Dovan.

  • Day 23: Gola to Hedanga Gadi (1179m)/ 7-8 hrs trek

    Though we trek long hours today, the day doesn't have noteworthy challenges. The trail goes through series of up and down, which are gradual. We walk through forest and villages to Hedanga Gadi.

  • Day 24: Hedanga Gadi to Num (1572m)/ 5 hrs trek

    This is the last day of the trek, which is relatively shorter and easier. Arrive at Num, let your trek exhaustion go, enjoy with the crew and celebrate the success. Overnight at Num

  • Day 25: Num to Tumlingtar (405m)/ drive

    Today we drive to Tumlingtar. 4-5 hours of bumpy ride on the mishmash mountainous road brings us to Tumlingtar, a small town having a small airport.

  • Day 26: Tumlingtar to Kathmandu

    Today you will fly to Kathmandu. As you arrive to Kathmandu, you will have free time to explore around on your own. Overnight in Kathmandu

  • Day 27: Depart Kathmandu

    Today, we will escort you to Tribhuvan International Airport as per your flight schedule back home. We will see you off pleasantly. Have a safe flight back home.

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