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“Fly to the most beautiful elevated lakes in Nepal, savor the beauty of wonderful nature and experience the real luxury, which blends with the magnificence of nature- Luxury Trek to Phoksundo and Rara Lake”

Flying swiftly on the Nepalese sky above the incredible landscapes that comprise wilderness of lush vegetation, magnificence of Himalayan panorama and authenticity of rural culture, the Luxury Trek to Phoksundo and Rara Lake in Nepal is the properly tailored holiday package in Nepal that caters the visit to the two most beautiful lakes of Nepal.

This Luxury Trek in Nepal first takes us to Phoksundo Lake in Dolpo, which boasts on its incredible beauty and unique attributes. At Phoksundo Lake, travelers get to encounter with the culture of Bon religion at Ringmo. Ringmo is the Bon Village in Dolpo that lies on the hill just above Phoksundo Lake. After exploring the lakeshores at Phoksundo savoring the view of Mt. Kanjiroba that dramatically looms right behind the lake and getting closer to Bonpos (the people who follow Bon) at Ringmo we fly to Rara Lake.

Rara Lake is also extremely beautiful lake of western Nepal. At Rara, we explore around the lakeshore to witness the colorful species of flowers and medicinal herbs. Additionally, the hike to Chhuchemara Hill 4090m is wonderful. From the hilltop, the travelers can witness the best of nature in all directions. Himalayas sprawl to the north, lush vegetation, deep valleys spread to east, and west and the mesmerizing view of Rara Lake to the south would definitely make your day.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day : 01:Kathmandu to Phoksundo Lake in a helicopter flight
  • Day : 02:Explore around Phoksundo Lake
  • Day : 03:Phosundo Lake to Rara Lake helicopter flight
  • Day : 04:Rara Lake to Kathmandu flight
  • Day : 01: Kathmandu to Phoksundo Lake in a helicopter flight

    The first day of the Luxury Trek to Phoksundo and Rara Lake takes you to Phoksundo Lake in a helicopter that takes off from the airport in Kathmandu. The aerial journey to Phoksundo is so fascinating. Almost 75 minutes long flight goes high above the fascinating landscapes of Nepal that include green hills, raging Himalayan River, deep gorges, Himalayan panorama to the north and wonderful valleys and human settlements. On our arrival at Phoksundo Lake, we first have nothing to do except being spellbound. Savor the first glimpse of the Phoksundo while our crew gets involve in setting the camps in one of the ideal campsites around Phoksundo Lake. Today, we enjoy exploring the vicinity around on our own. Overnight in the camps at Phoksundo Lake.

  • Day : 02: Explore around Phoksundo Lake

    Today we explore the area around the Ringmo magnificent Phoksundo Lake. First, we explore around Ringmo Village and head to Tshowa (the lake-shore Bon Monastery). The Gompa nestling a ridge top above Phoksundo Lake was built about 900 years ago.Exploring this culturally rich Bon Monastery is fascinating experience. Then we drop down to Phoksundo Lake along steep-sided cliffs. The lake is famous for its magnificent turquoise color and spectacular scenery. Ringmo village, a typical Tibetan village, is scenic view from Phoksundo Lake. Many beautiful glaciers can be found near and above the lake area. There are many monasteries (Gompas )and Bon-po religious sites at the park and we spend our time visiting some of these. We also explore the wonderful natural sites and enjoy our nature tour.

  • Day : 03: Phosundo Lake to Rara Lake helicopter flight

    The third day of Luxury Trek to Phoksundo and Rara Lake takes us to Rara Lake in a helicopter. A short flight of maximum of twenty minutes brings us to our destination. On our arrival to Rara Lake, our exploration begins. We climb up the Chuchemara Hill 4090m. The climb is fascinatingly wonderful ninety minutes hike. From the hilltop we get to see the beautiful views in all directions and in all sides. To the north we see snowcapped peaks offering wonderful backdrop to Rara Lake and lush vegetation of Rara National Park. We could sight the beautiful green hills holding stunning Rara Lake in the middle. And down we could see the mesmerizing view of the lake itself. After the hike to Chhuchemara Hill, we begin to explore around the nearby vicinity. At the end of the day we return back to our camps for the overnight stay.

  • Day : 04: Rara Lake to Kathmandu flight

    The Luxury Trek to Phoksundo and Rara Lake ends today. Enjoy the last views of the Rara Lake and its vicinity just before you board the helicopter. The helicopter will fly back to Kathmandu. On your arrival at Kathmandu, we will transfer you to your hotel.

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