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Dolpa, that lies in the lap of Himalayas has several interesting mountain peaks. Mt. Putha is the 7th peak of Dhaulagiri range lies to the South of the district headquarter Dunai. In these recent days this fascinating mountain has become very popular among the expedition groups. Though it is mostly popular in Germany, Netherlands and France, it is being popular in other countries too.

In fact the mountain is technically safe but it always remains thickly covered with snow, therefore skiing can be done from the summit to camp 1. A short trek reaches you to the base camp of the mountain through a interesting village Kagkot. These people of these villages believe the Mt. Putha as their sacred mountain since their existence. Putha is regarded as the name of their main God.

The way up to Kagkot is also full of cultural and natural excitements. The general treks do not go through this trail so it offers you extra delightful experiences. The short trek up to the base camp with the popular animal of Dolpa Yak as the means of transport adds you the feeling of being in Dolpa. Further the expanse of the mountain is so beautiful, all these things together make the expedition interesting and exciting.

(Note: After the summit one can also make the trek to the popular trekking zone JOMSOM from Kagkot.)

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu – Nepalgunj flight/ 1hr
  • Day 02:Nepalgunj to Juphal (2470m) flight/ 35min and Juphal to Dunai /3hrs trek
  • Day 03:Dunai (2140m) to Tarakot (2537m)/ 6hrs.
  • Day 04:Tarakot to Musi Khola/ 7hrs.
  • Day 05:Musi Khola to Kagkot (3400m)/ 4hrs.
  • Day 06:Kagkot Rest day (Changing Porters)
  • Day 07:Kagkot to Panjing (4200m)/ 8hrs.
  • Day 08:Panjing to German Basse Camp (4500m)/ 4hrs
  • Day 09:German Base camp to Putha Base camp (4800m)/ 3hrs
  • Day 10:Climbing Period – 13 days
  • Day 11:Rest day at the base camp.
  • Day 12:Puja and Checking gears and equipments the packing.
  • Day 13:Walk to Camp-1 and back to Base camp.
  • Day 14:Rest
  • Day 15:Camp -1 – Touch Camp-2, sleep in Camp-1, back to the Base camp
  • Day 16:Rest
  • Day 17:Camp – 1 (5350m)
  • Day 18:Camp – 2 (6100m)
  • Day 19:Camp – 3 (6600m)
  • Day 20:Summit (7246m) and back to Camp 1
  • Day 21:Contingency day
  • Day 22:Contingency day
  • Day 23:Camp – 1 to Base camp
  • Day 24:Rest
  • Day 25:Packing
  • Day 26:Putha Base camp to Kagkot/ 8hrs.
  • Day 27:Kagkot to Lashicap (2775m)/ 7hrs.
  • Day 28:Lashicap to Dunai/ 7hrs.
  • Day 29:Dunai to Juphal/ 4hrs.
  • Day 30:Juphal to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight same day
  • Day 01: Kathmandu – Nepalgunj flight/ 1hr

    You will be taking flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Nepalgunj is in the Terai region that lies in the boarder of India is also the center of business for the people of mid western region of Nepal. You will have a good rest in the hotel Kitchen Hut there.

  • Day 02: Nepalgunj to Juphal (2470m) flight/ 35min and Juphal to Dunai /3hrs trek

    From Nepalgunj morning flight takes you to Juphal enjoying the sightseeing of different mountains and passes. Now you will start descending down to the river side trail through the village called Dangiwada.

    Then once you start to walk through the river side trail you will again go through some clusters of houses keeping the Shey Phoksundo National Park across the river and reach Dunai.

    It is a small town where there are government and other organizations’ central office for Dolpa. You can visit the Central Buddhist Monastery and the Bon Stupa and School just across the Bheri river. The guide will brief you the schedules and programs in the evening.

  • Day 03: Dunai (2140m) to Tarakot (2537m)/ 6hrs.

    Leaving Dunai you will go through several interesting places with some cluster of houses along the river side trail. This is an easy walking route. Along the route you will experience the culture of lower Dolpa that has the flavor of Hinduism.

    Then you will reach a police post with a flat land where you can observe the farming done by the Magars who speaks the Kaike dialect which is not spoken in any other places. Now you are in the unique village known as Tarakot for night stay.

  • Day 04: Tarakot to Musi Khola/ 7hrs.

    From Tarakot you will head to Lashicap where the river from the highest human habitat of Dho Tarap meets with Bheri. Here you will lunch and take a short rest. We leave the trail to Dho Tarap and start the trek towards Mushikhola. Mushikhola is another camp where there is no any human settlement.

  • Day 05: Musi Khola to Kagkot (3400m)/ 4hrs.

    From Mushikhola the route leads you with slight ascending and straight way to Kagkot. The village with mixed culture of upper and lower part of the region gives you different experience of the trip. The village is situated just below hillock where there is the polyandry system still exists.

  • Day 06: Kagkot Rest day (Changing Porters)

    One rest day is fixed at Kagkot. Here the team has to change the porters as the villagers use their own yaks from here. While the staff arranges their loads and everything, you can have sightseeing.
    You can make short hike to the hill or walk around the village to experience their mixed culture and traditions.

  • Day 07: Kagkot to Panjing (4200m)/ 8hrs.

    Today the trek will be tougher than the last ones. You have to make your way early in the morning ascending the steep hill. Stoppage for night is not possible in this steep trail because there is no any source of water nearby.

    Though it is very adventurous journey, you will have good views of several mountains. You can also view the villages like Pimri and Dhukot which are still far way from modern facilities. After walking tedious stiff you will have the night camp at Panjing.

  • Day 08: Panjing to German Basse Camp (4500m)/ 4hrs

    Though it is a short distance to the Base camp from Panjing the trail is bit difficult with slight ascends. Again there is problem of water. Then the trail leads you to the German base camp for the night rest.

  • Day 09: German Base camp to Putha Base camp (4800m)/ 3hrs

    This will be an easy walk with slight uphill that reaches you the Putha Base Camp. A beautiful flat land, with small dazzling brook nearby and the clear views of Mt. Putha and Chureni himal gives you heavenly feelings. The base camp is very comfortable.

  • Day 10: Climbing Period – 13 days

    Climbing Period – 13 days

  • Day 11: Rest day at the base camp.

    Rest day at the base camp.

  • Day 12: Puja and Checking gears and equipments the packing.

    Puja and Checking gears and equipments the packing.

  • Day 13: Walk to Camp-1 and back to Base camp.

    Walk to Camp-1 and back to Base camp.

  • Day 14: Rest


  • Day 15: Camp -1 – Touch Camp-2, sleep in Camp-1, back to the Base camp

    Camp -1 – Touch Camp-2, sleep in Camp-1, back to the Base camp

  • Day 16: Rest


  • Day 17: Camp – 1 (5350m)

    Camp – 1 (5350m)

  • Day 18: Camp – 2 (6100m)

    Camp – 2 (6100m)

  • Day 19: Camp – 3 (6600m)

    Camp – 3 (6600m)

  • Day 20: Summit (7246m) and back to Camp 1

    Summit (7246m) and back to Camp 1

  • Day 21: Contingency day

  • Day 22: Contingency day

  • Day 23: Camp – 1 to Base camp

    Camp – 1 to Base camp

  • Day 24: Rest


  • Day 25: Packing


  • Day 26: Putha Base camp to Kagkot/ 8hrs.

    From the base camp the continuous 8hrs walk takes you to the village Kagkot again.

  • Day 27: Kagkot to Lashicap (2775m)/ 7hrs.

    From Kagkot you will go to Lashicap for the night stop.

  • Day 28: Lashicap to Dunai/ 7hrs.

    Now trail takes you towards Dunai and have a night stay.

  • Day 29: Dunai to Juphal/ 4hrs.

    Finally the trail leads you to Juphal. This is the place from where all the porters and some other staff will make their way home with the memories of the moments they shared with you.

  • Day 30: Juphal to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight same day

    Early morning you will fly to Nepalgunj and have the same day flight to Kathmandu.

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