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Dolpa, that lies in the lap of Himalayas has several interesting mountain peaks. Mt. Mukut is one of them. This peak lies to the East of the district headquarter Dunai. Some other people have done the summit from the eastern side but it is more interesting to summit from the Western side.

A short trek reaches you to the base camp of the mountain through some interesting villages like Kakkot and Mukot.

The way up to Mukot is also full of cultural and natural excitements. The general treks do not go through this trail so it offers you extra delightful experiences. The short trek up to the base camp becomes interesting with the views of mountain ranges. Therefore, the expedition becomes interesting.


(Note: After the summit one can also make the trek to the popular trekking zone JOMSOM from Mukot.)

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01.:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
  • Day 02:Nepalgunj to Juphal trek to Dunai
  • Day 03:Dunai to Tarakot
  • Day 04:Tarakot to Mushi Khola
  • Day 05:Mushi Khola to Kakkot
  • Day 06:Kakkot to Pimrigaon
  • Day 07:Pimrigaon to Terang
  • Day 08:Terang to Mukot
  • Day 09:Mukot - Rest day
  • Day 10:Mukot to Yak Kharka
  • Day 11:Yak Kharka to Base Camp
  • Day 12:Base Camp - Rest day
  • Day 13.:Mukot Summit
  • Day 14:Contingency day
  • Day 15:Base Camp to Kharka Camp
  • Day 16:Kharka camp to Mulung Khola crossing Mula pass 5600m 5/6
  • Day 17:Mulung Khola to Ghalden Dhuldum crossing Niwas la and Jungbenla
  • Day 18:Ghalden Ghuldum Sangta
  • Day 19:Sangta to Phalyak
  • Day20:Phlyak to Jomsom
  • Day 21:Jomsom to Pokhara to Kathmandu
  • Day 01.: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

    We take 55 minutes flight from Kathmandu and stay one night in Nepalgunj to catch the early morning flight on the following day.

  • Day 02: Nepalgunj to Juphal trek to Dunai

    35 minutes flight takes you to Juphal from Nepalgunj. From Juphal trekking downhill, the trail goes through a village to the riverside of Bheri. Then the trail goes straight to Dunai following Bheri river and passing some small villages on the way.

  • Day 03: Dunai to Tarakot

    From Dunai the trail goes towards Tarakot through some villages. The trail runs by the side of Bheri river.

  • Day 04: Tarakot to Mushi Khola

    The trail goes slightly ascending and straight. Taking lunch at Lashicap the trail goes through jungle. In some places we can see waterfall and small streams. There are a few hotels at Mushikhola and we camp for the night at this place.

  • Day 05: Mushi Khola to Kakkot

    The trail goes through jungle crossing a small and a big river. After crossing the main river the trail goes straight and uphill after a few hours. If the weather becomes good then we can view Putha range just before reaching Kakkot.

  • Day 06: Kakkot to Pimrigaon

    From kakkot the trail goes by the side of river. We can camp at river side or can go to the village a little uphill to see Mukut and Dhaulagiri range from the village.

  • Day 07: Pimrigaon to Terang

    The trail goes downhill from the village and then straight towards Terang. Same mountain ranges can be seen as we had seen yesterday but Mukut himal cannot be seen. We make the camp at river side.

  • Day 08: Terang to Mukot

    After near about 15 minutes walk we cross the river and the trail goes straight for sometime and then uphill starts. We can see small bushes only on the way. Before reaching Mukkot, we can view Sita Chuchura and Dhaulagiri range.

  • Day 09: Mukot - Rest day

    We will take a rest day in Mukkot.

  • Day 10: Mukot to Yak Kharka

    The trail goes slightly uphill. Walking after 2 hours we cross the river. Then again there is another small river which we cross and head towards Yak Kharka the trail goes slightly ascending.

  • Day 11: Yak Kharka to Base Camp

    Today the trail goes ascending in open land. After the walk of 2/3 hours we reach the base camp. From the trail again we see the same mountain range. We can see the face of Mukut Himal now. Pungde, Sita chuchura and Dhaulagiri range.

  • Day 12: Base Camp - Rest day

    Today we will take a rest and practice for the summit on following day.

  • Day 13.: Mukot Summit

    We start early morning by around 3 am for the summit. At first we go straight ascend and reach the col. From here we walk slightly ascending towards the summit. From the summit we can view beautiful views of mountain ranges.

  • Day 14: Contingency day

  • Day 15: Base Camp to Kharka Camp

    The trail goes first downhill 1 hour and then straight and slightly ascending for two hours.

  • Day 16: Kharka camp to Mulung Khola crossing Mula pass 5600m 5/6

    The trail goes slightly ascending for sometimes then the trail goes ascending till the pass. Then the trail goes slightly downhill. Beside river camp. From the pass can see several mountain ranges.

  • Day 17: Mulung Khola to Ghalden Dhuldum crossing Niwas la and Jungbenla

    Again the trail goes slightly ascending till the first pass then the trail goes ascending then straight till the next pass then the trail goes ascending to Ghalen Ghuldum. From Niwas la can view Thorang La, Annapurna range, Mustang himal.

  • Day 18: Ghalden Ghuldum Sangta

    First the trail goes downhill 45 minutes then crossing the river the trail goes slightly ascending afterwards straight and downhill. At last the reach the first village Sangta. Can see Annapurna range, Sangta himal Thorang la.

  • Day 19: Sangta to Phalyak

    First uphill for an hour then straight trough the road and sometimes trail. At the last part the trail goes downhill for an hour.

  • Day20: Phlyak to Jomsom

    We climb to a ridge at 3360m and make a final descent on a challenging trail of loose rocks to Jomsom at 2670m. Jomsom is also one of the famous places for the tourist.

  • Day 21: Jomsom to Pokhara to Kathmandu

    We fly form Jomsom to Pokhara and to Kathmandu today. Our representative will pick you up at Kathmandu airport and take you to the hotel.

  • Back from our trek, I would just like to tell you how much we appreciated your excellent logistical organization, and your lovely staff.

    Norbu was an excellent guide – always ready to respond to questions and to ask local people if he wasn’t sure of the answers; he was simply a pleasure to be with. We really appreciated having someone with us who is local and who can speak both the Kam dialect and Tibetan.

    Nima Sherpa prepared us delicious meals in sometimes difficult conditions – we were extremely impressed with what he managed to produce. He also managed to teach Noelie and Luna how to prepare momos.

    Nim Bahadur Risal remained cheerful in rain and shine, and was a very efficient assistant cook.  We will miss his smiling face at the entrance of our tent with bed tea each morning.

    Jaya Bahadur Rokaya was a quieter but important member of the team, supporting the work of everyone else and carrying his heavy load with apparent ease.

    Finally, as the youngest person amongst us, Ananda Rokaya looked after the mules with dedication and care. We appreciated that he treated the animals well, ensuring that they had good grazing opportunities but were properly tethered at night.   

    What was clearly apparent was that all five staff got on well together, and worked as a real team.


    I will recommend your agency to anyone wishing to trek in Dolpo – and have indeed already done so.


    Kind regards

    - Mukot Himal Expedition Dr. Jane Carter, | 9 Dec, 2018
  • I went with a friend on a trek/expedition to Mukot Himal between October 20 and November 10th . Our team included a climbing guide, a cook, three assistants and a mule guide (five mules). Our itinerary was off the main track and we were fully autonomous for the whole trek .
    This was a fantastic experience, all the staff was so helpful and everything was well planned (including pick at airport…). Explore dolpo arranged t he flights and the jeep (way back) very well, and adapted the program with a one day delay for the second flight. We were also able to discuss in detail with Bhupendra before the trip to optimize our organization, that worked out very well. The guide was excellent, very good climbing expertise which was essential from this peak (his english level was moderate but enough for important stuff), he went on a recognition climb on the glacier the day before the summit, that was very important and secured the success. All other members were so nice, providing great food, always making sure we had enough boiling water to drink, warm water to wash in the morning and setting up the tents quickly as soon as we arrived on a camp site. It was a great pleasure for me to share this experience with them. We went through fantastic valleys completely devoid of any tourism. I highly recommend explore dolpo .



    - Mukot Himal Expedition Bernard de – Massy, | 4 Dec, 2018

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