• Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek Image

    Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek via Upper Dolpo – 28 Days

    “Nepal’s one of the most diverse and off beat trekking trail that covers the intriguing trail between two most fascinating lakes in western Nepal, Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek is adventurously challenging trek that has every rare encounters a time-forgotten trail of anywhere has to offer.” Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek with Explore Dolpo is in a…

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  • yak caravan trek image

    Yak Caravan Trek in Dolpo – 24 days

    “Dolpo Yak Caravan Trek travels with the traders of Dolpo and big herd of yaks to the elevated Nepal-Tibet border catering a perfect opportunity to sight authentic trading culture of Dolpo, its landscapes, amazing yak caravans and every other highlight remote Dolpo has.” Since yak is one of the most popular domestic animals in Upper…

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  • Bon Sanctuary Trek Image

    Bonpo Sanctuary Trek – 35Days

    “Bons few practices are totally opposite to the most peaceful philosophy on earth- Buddhism. Yet Bon is not rebellious religion, though has few followers now it is the religion prior to Buddha only trying to claim its sacred existence. Explore the thriving Bon Culture with us- Bonpo Santuary Trek”  One of few last regions where…

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  • Ghyakuchin Lake Photography Trek Image

    Photography trek in Dolpo with Gorakh Bista

    “I won’t promise much but I would guarantee the most beautiful virgins boondocks of Dolpo, sightings of blue sheep and possibly the elusive snow leopard and authentic culture of Dolpo for you and your camera”– Gorakh Bista There are several exciting places within the region of Dolpo which, has not been explored till now. The…

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  • luxury trek in dolpo image

    Luxury Trek in Upper Dolpo

    “Get a direct entry to the elevated village of Yangzer in Dolpo, ride a Pony through the great landmarks of Dolpo and enjoy the luxury of trekking in Nepal’s most remote regions of wildwest Dolpo- Luxury Pony Trek in Dolpo” Flying on a helicopter to the isolated highland village of Dolpo, seeing through Dolpo’s most…

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  • putha expedition imgae

    Mt. Putha (Putha Hiuchuli) – 7246m. Expedition (Dhaulagiri VII) (28days)

    Dolpa, that lies in the lap of Himalayas has several interesting mountain peaks. Mt. Putha is the 7th peak of Dhaulagiri range lies to the South of the district headquarter Dunai. In these recent days this fascinating mountain has become very popular among the expedition groups. Though it is mostly popular in Germany, Netherlands and…

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  • Kanjirowa Expedition Image

    Kanjirowa Expedition

    “The walking journey to the summit of the most beautiful mountain in Dolpo, through the trails unexplored and untrodden by not many travelers- Kanjirowa Peak Climbing” 6883m, is as high as trekkers/climbers can go during the Kanzirowa Expedition with Explore Dolpo. The stunning Mountain Kanzirowa is a unique peak worthwhile climbing to experience the high…

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  • Jumla Dolpa Kagmara

    Dolpo to Jomsom via Mukot 16 Days

    This trek is also one of the most exiting ones. One can experience the variation of culture and nature with beautiful sightseeing.

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  • shey gompa image

    Shey Shikhar (6139m)

    Dolpo, the Hidden Place, that lies in the lap of Himalayas has several interesting unexplored mountain peaks. She Shikhar is one of the beautiful peaks of Dolpo region it lies to the North of the district headquarter Dunai. It is situated within the Shey Phoksundo National Park in the North West of the deepest lake…

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  • Dolpo Jumla Rara

    Dolpo Rara via Jumla 12/15 days

    This trek includes several beautiful sightseeing along with a vast diversity of nature culture.

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