• Phoksundo Nature Experience Circuit – 17 days

    This trip is one of the best routes of trekking in Dolpo. You will be trekking through several typical villages and the flat valley like Dho Tarap having enchanting views in the midst of nature. From the beautiful Dho valley you will head for Phoksundo Lake, the deepest lake of Nepal which is famous for its…

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  • Lower-Dolpo_Trek

    Lower Dolpo Round Trip – 27 Days

    This trek truly provides an opportunity to experience the life in the remote highland. Lying in the western Himalayan region, battered by the high winds, arid and dry landscape, unbearable cold in the winter months and almost cut off from the development of the outside world, this region is a living example of a tough…

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  • beni-dolpo-trek

    Beni to Dolpo Trek via Dhorpatan – 31 Days

    Dolpo had remained a restricted zone for foreign trekkers until a few years back. With the decision of the Nepal government to open this area for trekking this once elusive area has become a hotspot for trekkers visiting Nepal. Dolpo has retained most of its traditions and cultures. Time seems to stand still for people…

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  • Bheri-karnali-trek-31days

    Bheri Karnali Round Trek – 31 Days

    This trek follows a less travelled trail. This long trek offers you exotic and myriad cultural experiences, coupled with interesting landscape that ranges from the verdant greenery in the lower reaches to an arid and dry one in the higher reaches. As the actual trek starts from Bheri zone and ends in Karnali zone, the…

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  • west-dolpo-Trek

    West Dolpo Trek – 15 Days

    “The offbeat trek in Dolpo that treads on one of the least frequented trails of Dolpo, the West Dolpo Trek has not less amazing highlights than any other trekking adventures of Dolpo.” The West Dolpo Trek with Explore Dolpo begins at Juphal, the ancient trading town in Lower Dolpo. Heading west of this fascinating district…

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    Guerrilla Trek in Nepal – 18 Days

    “Explore the remotest and nomadic villages of western mid-hills of Nepal, enjoy hunting in only Hunting Reserve of Nepal- Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, explore the opaque woodlands used as Guerrilla trails to attack and escape during the war and visit the decade long war-centers of then Maoist Guerrillas- Guerrilla Trek in Nepal” A pleasant trek through mixed country…

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  • Yarsagompa-trek (1)

    Yarsagonpa Expedition

    “Let the natives of Dolpo harvest the high value medicinal herb Yarsagompo in the traditional way, you simply trek following them and capturing the best and the most hopeful moments in the lives of highland natives- Yarsagompa Trek” Dolpa is known for the immense deposit of natural and cultural treasure. The vast biodiversity can be…

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  • Yarsagompa-trek

    Harvesting Yarsagonpa in Dolpo – Trek on Guerrilla trail

    “Treading the trail of Lower Dolpo, where the yarsagompo regarded ants by the native guides are scattered in every corner all the way through the Guerrilla trails of then Maoist warriors to Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is probably Nepal’s least frequented trekking trail.” Dolpo Yarsagompo trek on the Guerrilla Trail begins from popular mid-western town in Nepal,…

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  • Phoksundo-nature-experience

    Luxury Trek to Phoksundo Lake

    “Fly to the most beautiful corner in Nepal- Lake Phoksundo, explore the magnificence of nature, dig into the Bonpo culture in possibly the most luxurious way.” At the elevation of almost 3,700m a beautiful fresh water alpine Lake, Phoksundo lies inside eqaully wonderful Shey Phoksundo National Park. One of prime highlights of most of trekkings…

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  • luxury-trek-to-rara-phoksundo

    Luxury Lake to Lake Trek – Phoksundo to Rara Lake

    “Fly to the most beautiful elevated lakes in Nepal, savor the beauty of wonderful nature and experience the real luxury, which blends with the magnificence of nature- Luxury Trek to Phoksundo and Rara Lake” Flying swiftly on the Nepalese sky above the incredible landscapes that comprise wilderness of lush vegetation, magnificence of Himalayan panorama and authenticity…

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