Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek – Five prime highlights

Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek

“Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek is probably one of the most challenging treks in Nepal that most of time traverses across higher Greater Himalayan Trail. More than a month long walking in the isolated Highland, where the nomads of Tibet frequently cater authentic Tibetan culture, the trek is one of the lifetime holidays for those trekkers, who want to try strenuous trek in Nepal.

Since both these trekking regions are the restricted regions and hence trekkers need to acquire the Special Permit to enter these forbidden territories, which costs USD 50 per day. However, compared the price paid to trek in these regions the reward is much larger and magnificent that will remain in your soul and brain for the rest of your lives.”

In today’s post, we have listed the five most wonderful highlights of Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek.

Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang TrekUpper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek

1. Phoksundo Lake & the vicinity

The first major highlight of the trek is Phoksundo Lake, which lies inside Shey Phoksundo National Park. The crystal clear lake that is devoid of living creatures also dramatically changes its color with the sunlight that falls at the lake water during different times of the day. In close proximity, just atop a spur above the lake nestles the Bon Village, Ringmo. Exploration of Ringmo for authentic and primitive Bon culture is also the major highlight of the trek.

Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek

2. High Passes

During the trek in Dolpo, high passes come across so frequently that trekkers called this place the land of High Himalayan Passes. However, during this trek the two major passes that we encounter are Kang La Pass and Ghami La Pass. The strenuous climb to the top of these passes is also the major highlight of the trek as it tests trekker’s endurance to walk. From the top of these passes, the scenic view of Himalayan peaks inside Nepal and across the border are so alluring when blended with windswept deep valleys of Dolpo, anyone can fall in love with the magical land.

Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang TrekUpper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek

3. Landscapes

Trekking in Dolpo is famous for one important reason and that is tremendously beautiful and diverse landscapes, which totally contrast with the landscapes seen during the treks in other parts of Nepal. Arid wide deserts right below the towering Himalayan peaks, lush vegetation of Shey Phoksundo National Park and the dramatically settled highland hamlets with colorful chortens, monasteries and fluttering prayer flags are the mesmerizing landscapes that spellbind trekkers with mouth and eyes wide open.

Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek

4. Highland Villages and Nomadic Culture

During the Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang Trek, the most interesting aspect is also the culture in the highland villages. Villages like Shey, Yangzer and Tinze among others cater incredibly authentic culture of Tibetan Bhotiyas, who migrated from Tibet and settled in this part of Nepal centuries ago. Moreover, the monastic culture trekkers can watch in the monasteries of Upper Dolpo, which have long historical and spiritual significances are fascinating to watch.

Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang Trek

5. Lo- Manthang

The fabled city of walls and the capital of Upper Mustang is the major highlight of the trek. The capital of Upper Mustang, Lo – Manthang is one of the most beautiful regions in Nepal naturally and culturally. Nestled dramatically in the rain shadow of Mt. Dhaulagiri, the ancient kingdom in Nepal still shows immense respect for the local king. The ruins forts in Lo-Manthang and the stone paved streets within the cobbled maze streets of this tiny kingdom has so much to offer for trekkers few days before the most beautiful trek in Dolpo ends.