Upper Mustang in Spring

Situated in north-western Nepal bordering Tibet, Mustang is an old kingdom of the Lobas (natives of the region). Nepal’s Mustang region has preserved a life unchanged for centuries. Tucked behind the colossal Himalayan giants of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri at the top of Asia on the baked Tibetan Plateau, it has long been isolated from the outside world. It was a military restricted region until the 1990s due to its close proximity with Tibet. As we make our way through this sheltered land, we will pass through the brightly decorated Buddhist shrines and beautiful hamlets guarded by the giant monasteries. A walled kingdom since the 14th century, once you reach Lo Manthang in Upper Mustang, you will experience a beautiful sense of time-lapse and have appreciation for a rich prehistoric culture. As the sight of ruins of old forts and monasteries rich in heritage and history begins to unfold, you will be transferred to a magical place from your dreams.

The spring seasons is a very beautiful time to visit Nepal. The eternally praised beauty of spring makes travel more memorable and amazing, while the unmatched Himalayans add on the top. The months of March, April, and May boasts of such pretty weather, towering silver peaks, crystalline peaks, and the aromatic air in nature.

Mustang can be best described with two climates and regions. To discover the real balance in these variabilities of factors is the key to the best time for trekking Upper Mustang. The most suitable time to visit Upper Mustang is spring (March-May) and fall (September-November). While fall is immensely popular trekking season due to dry post-monsoon climate and temperature, the spring is a great lesser-known alternative. The vistas of the unique, arresting of snow-laden Himalayans to the south and desolate moon-like plateaus, deep canyons, and the blankets of windswept hills to the north during the springtime is a sight one needs to see to believe. During the springtime, the jungles are blooming with beautiful rhododendron flowers which will make your journey seem like a walk into an enchanting wonderland. Since the weather is clear and bright, the visibility will also be high during springtime, which means the views of the shining silver peaks to the south and stark, rustic landscape to the north will look picture perfect, to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Truly.

It is also a great opportunity to experience the best of both worlds while you’re in Mustang. In addition to the matchless natural beauty of the region, you will also get the chance to be a part of a unique spiritual festival that takes place in the region. Tiji is a fascinating and an important spiritual festival that usually takes place in the first week of May. The monks of the Lo Manthang’sChoedhe monastery perform amazing dance rituals in intricate, colorful costumes to mark the legend of a son who saved the Kingdom of Mustang from destruction. Thus, visiting Upper Mustang during the spring time is a perfect blend of beauty, spirituality, serenity and comfort.