Visit Nepal after the quake- Japanese photographers trek to Upper Dolpo and Tsum Valley

After the earthquake tragedy in Nepal, recently we organized a trek in Dolpo and Tsum valley of Manaslu region for a famous Japanese photographer Mr. Takeshi Akira and his friend. They were taken to Phoksundo the deepest lake of Nepal on 7th June by the helicopter of Simrik Air and they started the trek to Upper Dolpo. Concluding the 22days Upper Dolpo trek in “Dho Tarap”, one of the most beautiful valleys consisting old tradition and culture they flew back to Kathmandu by the helicopter of Mountain Air on 27th June. Again, they were taken to Tsum Valley by the same helicopter on 28th June.


Mr. Akira with his fellow photographer, Explore Dolpo’s MD Mr. Jitendra Jhakri and the crew

After the Trekking in Tsum Valley of Manaslu region, they were again brought to Kathmandu by the same helicopter on 1 July. Trekking in the both regions completed successfully, the trekkers were so excited to express their satisfaction of the trip with us.

Therefore, they mentioned that, as per their observation all the places where they trek are safe. They found the trek was interesting with wonderful experiences in the midst of natural beauty without any obstacles en route.

These kinds of trips are bit luxurious but are easier to have a good experience of nomadic culture and incredible landscapes that resemble the Tibetans ones in relatively very short time period. On the other hand, trekkers can enjoy the whole trekking without helicopter service from Juphal but it can be bit longer but less expensive.  Moreover trekking from Juphal allows trekkers to have the experiences of the tradition and culture of lower Dolpo region too.


We are organizing treks in different regions of Nepal after the quake too, now there is no any threat for the visitors or trekkers in Nepal. Therefore, especially the people those who want to trek in Nepal should not be confused regarding their safety.

We would like to inform all the well-wishers, now it is safe to travel and trek in Nepal. Therefore, we welcome and encourage all the people who are interested to come to Nepal and to view the interesting natural beauty in warm hospitality.

Let us hear few beautiful lines Mr. Akira says after the quake.

Upper Dolpo and Tsum Valley are both incredible places. We have had heard enough about devastation in Nepal after the quake. Yes, few regions are affected but the trails in Upper Dolpo has no impact at all. It is intact and absolutely safe to trek in Dolpo. We had a great time photographing in Upper Dolpo of Nepal after the quake, despite most of the sources suggested us to avoid traveling to Nepal justifying it is unsafe destination to travel at the moment.

upper dolpo