Why us to Dolpo?

Dolpo is a paradise unexplored. Nature rewards this isolated western part of Nepal with exceedingly amazing landscapes and serene beauty that resemble the ones of Roof of the world- Tibet. At places the beauty of Dolpo by far surpasses the striking views people get to behold in Tibet. Explore Dolpo a company that solely targets to bring trekkers of around the globe to Dolpo and its neighboring region undoubtedly is the expert of treks in Dolpo. Few reasons why you need to trek to this far-flung piece of Nepal with Explore Dolpo are listed below:

  • Committed to People of Dolpo Image

    Committed to the People of Dolpo

    Explore Dolpo is the only trekking company in Nepal that massively supports the people of Dolpo to get involved in the Nepalese Tourism. The owners of the company, the guides, porters and the office staffs belong to Dolpo. The company policy to work with the natives of Dolpo is just to offer them opportunities so that the underprivileged people of the region can pursue the better career in the Tourism Industry of Nepal. Besides, the company supports several underprivileged communities of Dolpo in the sectors like Education, Health and Social Awareness.

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    Experts of Dolpo

    We claim, we are the experts of Dolpo only because we know Dolpo the best as it is our home. We know the unique culture of the region, we know the local languages and we know almost every remote place of Dolpo. Our guides have earned their proficiency as trekking guides in Nepal by guiding western trekkers to the region for years. They have been escorting the trekkers around their home for years. Our guides speak English, Nepali, Tibetan and the local language Kaike so that the trekkers trekking with us to Dolpo and in the vicinity are the most special ones.

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    Royal Service become the walking prince and princess

    Trekking to Dolpo with us is an opportunity to experience the Dolpo trek in the royal way. The equipments and gears we use for the treks are of international standard. The guides and porters very kind and hospitable and so are the natives of Dolpo. The tents are warm and comfortable, food is hygienic and nutritious and most importantly we cater the safe treks to Dolpo. We provide supplementary equipments like satellite phones, generators for charging batteries, GPS, etc.

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    Best Competitive Price Ask others and evaluate the price

    Check the price of Dolpo Treks in every place possible and then evaluate the cost with ours. We guarantee we offer Dolpo Treks in the best price why? It is because most of the treks to Dolpo are based on camping treks and camping treks are relatively more expensive. However, with us we have the store of trekking gears and equipments for camping treks in Dunai, the starting point of Dolpo Treks. The cost applicable for the transference of trekking gears and equipments to Dunai, which is generally very high, is not added in our price. Simple logic we are wholesale trek operating agency in Dolpo.

  • Strong Backup Image

    Strong Backup during emergency

    Explore Dolpo is capable of executing reliable backup in the case trekker suffers in any way. Either it is because of altitude, natural calamity or anything else we are capable of making necessary arrangements for the safety and security of the guest.

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    Varieties of Itineraries

    Explore Dolpo probably has the highest number of trekking itineraries of Dolpo and the neighboring region. Each of them is unique in aspects of the highlights they cater. We have trodden to the regions of Dolpo where very few human beings have managed to reach. Our products are so intense and insightful because we know that we can deliver successful treks and expedition to Dolpo and the neighboring region because it is our home.

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    Environment friendly products

    Every trekking itinerary at Explore Dolpo are designed by the expert trek guides of Dolpo, which not only allows proper acclimatization, they also are very effective in conserving the fragile environment of the region. We make the optimum use of local resources. We never ignore the locally available materials instead, we encourage the providers. Therefore, not only the businesspersons but the farmers also feel the benefit from the tourists.

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    Arrange trips in off season

    Our general staff are mostly from Dolpa so they have good experiences with practical knowledge about the region. Especially our field staffs are well known about the seasonal trails so they can guide even in unfavorable weather situations. Thus, we can arrange the trips even in the off seasons.

  • Pottering Image

    Pottering means of transports

    There are trails with varied nature. So, it will be wiser to use the means of transportations according to the nature of the trail. Our staffs are practically experienced in use of the different means like yaks, mules or human power.

  • Public Relations Image

    Public Relations

    We have built a good and reliable relationship with all the stakeholder e.g. Government Offices, Airlines, Helicopter service, Local governance, Users’ groups at village level etc.

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    Staff Insurance

    Our all the staffs have insurance according to the rules and regulation of Nepal Government.

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    Group Size

    We arrange the trips with minimum of two and maximum of fourteen persons in Lower Dolpa, Jumla and Annapurna Circuit. Likewise in Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang areas we arrange the trip with minimum of two and maximum of ten persons. Most of the trips we arrange use to have 5 to 6 pax which is the perfect size of the group. Moreover we have been arranging single person trips also in these regions.

  • Social Responsibility Image

    Social Responsibility

    Since all the human beings are associated with the society they should realize the social responsibility. Though the professions differ with one another, ultimately every individual or organization must accomplish their duty of the society. Dolpo which is known as the hidden land has always remained backwater in the course of development, modern technologies and education. As we have felt that there can be no any positive changes without the appropriate modern education. Therefore, we take apart five percent from our service charge to contribute for the welfare of the children of our society through education. Though it is a small contribution it holds a great value for the needy ones.