Regarding the trip cost.

We assure all our clients that whatever the cost we claim them for trips is spent for their convenience during the journey. In fact, we provide services for the clients’ satisfactions and to establish trust instead of making good margin.

Optimum use of local resources.

We make the optimum use of local resources. We never ignore the locally available materials instead, we encourage the providers. Therefore, not only the businesspersons but the farmers also feel the benefit from the tourists.

Arrange trips in off season.

Our general staff are mostly from Dolpa so they have good experiences with practical knowledge about the region. Especially our field staffs are well known about the seasonal trails so they can guide even in unfavorable weather situations. Thus, we can arrange the trips even in the off seasons.

Interaction with the locals:

To get exclusive interactions with the villager will be very easy and reliable as all the staff are familiar and can make good understanding.

Finding out new destinations use of alternate routes:

Since the region is known as the hidden land, there are several places to explore for the touristic destinations. In this case who knows better than the locals? Therefore, we are dedicated to search for the new destinations and trails.

Pottering / means of transports:

There are trails with varied nature. So, it will be wiser to use the means of transportations according to the nature of the trail. Our staffs are practically experienced in use of the different means like yaks, mules or human power.

Supplementary equipments:

We provide supplementary equipments like satellite phones, generators for charging batteries, GPS, etc.

Public Relations:

We have built a good and reliable relationship with all the stakeholder e.g. Government Offices, Airlines, Helicopter service, Local governance, Users’ groups at village level etc.

Our specialty:

It is a known fact that our agency has authentic information about Dolpo region. Thus, most of the established Kathmandu based tour operators also use to make inquiries with us. Therefore, we have our own specialty of Western Region.

Staff Insurance:

Our all the staff have insurance according to the rules and regulation of Nepal Government.

Group Size

We arrange the trips with minimum of two and maximum of fourteen persons in Lower Dolpa, Jumla and Anapurna Circuit. Likewise in Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang areas we arrange the trip with minimum of two and maximum of ten persons.
Most of the trips we arrange use to have 5 to 6 pax which is the perfect size of the group. Moreover we have been arranging single person trips also in these regions.

Social Responsibility

Since all the human beings are associated with the society they should realize the social responsibility. Though the professions differ with one another, ultimately every individual or organization must accomplish their duty of the society.
Dolpo which is known as the hidden land has always remained backwatered in the course of development, modern technologies and education. As we have felt that there can be no any positive changes without the appropriate modern education. Therefore, we take apart five percent from our service charge to contribute for the welfare of the children of our society through education. Though it is a small contribution it holds a great value for the needy ones.